America Day 2

Well I didn’t break down. I felt rather good in fact. First thoughts on touchdown? America is…the same, but different. Much like everything else in my life right now.

There was some confusion at the baggage claim but I’ll spare you the boring details. My good friend P picked me up at the airport and we made our way via BART to his house.

I expected it to be more emotional but it wasn’t. It was…how shall I put it? I felt myself changing deep inside as I saw the familiar freeways and green valleys of California. It was healing, but in a way that is hard to put into words. I sense poetry incoming sometime in the future.

It’s good to be here…to be back? Hard to say.

It was a long day so I took a nap. Got up later to prepare for an art exhibition that we were invited to.

Issues with my phone abounded (goddamn you Xiaomi!) and I had forgotten to get the right adapter for my devices. So there was some housekeeping involved – which again I won’t mention as its not very interesting. Note to self – buy and place note clippers in suitcase, not carry on luggage.

The exhibition itself was pretty amazing. Our host shared much of herself with us – her life, her words, her art.

I was so moved I wrote a poem in return. Once again, trying to write it without Editing to Make it Nicer. I can always do that later anyway.

Becoming Free

I did not know you before this day,
but you invited me into your home,
your house and your heart, and I
was touched beyond belief.

Sitting there among kindred spirits
who were all still in many many unknown to me
I felt a healing take place – deep and profound
beyond simply what was shared there
amazing though it was.

I saw a lady, young and old
wise and learned
amdist friends and family
gifted with hands, with words and with song
a room full of memories and creation
a wonder to be in
a benediction to experience.

How could you know that that was
what I had most sought for many years – freedom?
The Universe knows better than any one of us,
and it was maybe more than simple chance
that let me to your door on this,
the first day of my new journey.

Moving from darkness to light,
from the chains of the past to wings of liberation
truly a joyous coincidence.

Thank you once again for your sharing,
for your depth of love and spirit.
I salute you and your works,
your friends and your kin.
May you (and I, and all who walk upon this Earth)
go on to greater health, prosperity
and above all,

The title of the exhibition – Becoming Free. Perhaps not a coincidence again.

Pics or it didn’t happen? Here you go.

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As the guests filed out I had a chance meeting with very nice people, once of which was a pretty and artistic girl with a name like a fairy princess (it was over 30 syllables!)

So…once again I am placed in the uneviable position of talking to a girl who I would most dearly like to hit on and get to know better leaving while I will likely never see her again. There has to be a way to deal with these kinds of situations better! Any ideas?

But her parting echoes in my heart even now. ”Happy healing.” Truer words were never spoken. This IS supposed to be a vacation, and there is nothing that says that joy cannot be the most potent of balms. Thank you, young wildflower, and may you blossom well in all ways.

And so another day in the land of the brave and free comes to an end.

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