Book 3

Book 3 – My Long and Winding Road

In Which I Attempt to Make Sense of Life and Almost Succeed on Several Occasions

Despite medication and therapy, my troubles were not over. Far from it. Mental illness and dysfunction were still part and parcel of my daily existence, school and career a faraway dream. But all was not lost. It is during this time that I forged the blade that would stand against all darkness, here too that I began my journey into new fields.

I grow (sort of) and learn (as much as I can) Questions pile upon me, and I try my best to answer them. Why is my life so fucked up? Why doesn’t anyone love me? What is the meaning of this all? The answers lie in the worlds that I explore – psychology, the virtual world of books, games and anime, and the intersection of culture and society. It is a steep climb, but one filled with meaning.

I try my hand at various other things – singing and cosplay – and I grow quite good at them too. But meanwhile the war still rages unchecked. The sale of my family home gives my family some much-needed respite from it, but the future is yet uncertain.