Book 2

Book 2 – …And Here My Troubles Began

In Which Everything Goes to Hell in a Handbasket Almost Daily

The shit hits the fan and all hell breaks loose both at once. My parents divorce. I drop out of school. Best friends leave. Overcome by a crippling depression, it is all I can do to
not end my life. It is then that I watch Neon Genesis Evangelion and regain the will to live once more.

There is still some semblance of daily existence as I forge onwards. New friends and experiences, other games to play. I turn to the study of Japanese not only as refuge against the pain but also a way to be closer to the anime and video games I love so dearly. After a lengthy search, I find a therapist who clicks with me and together we begin work on the issues that threaten to tear me apart.

It’s going to be a long haul. It was. But hey – you’re reading this, aren’t you? I made it. Don’t you want to find out how?