Reviews, Reports, and More

I’ve been writing for about a quarter of a century now, so that’s a lot of content. I loathe to delete my old stuff for no reason, so I have some older convention reports, a travelogue of a trip to Japan and some newer anime/manga/game reviews here.

Showgunners Review

A review of the SPRG Showgunners, it actually got my attention.

Otoyomemonogatari (A Bride’s Story) Review

Review of the manga A Bride’s Story (Otoyomemonogatari)

Japan Trip Part 1

A trip to Japan I took more than a decade ago. Some info is still relevant.

Japan Trip part 2

Play! A Videogame Symphony

Review of a video game concert I did many years ago.

EOY 2006!

My last big cosplay event. It was a blast.

Brindiamo alla bellezza.

Mini-review of one of my fave Nitro Plus games, for the heck of it.

Belle review

Review of the movie Belle.

Witch Hat Atelier review

Review of the manga. Highly recommended.

Assorted LGBT manga reviews

Reviews of some LGBT manga I found interesting enough to write about.