Brindiamo alla bellezza.



With that out of the way…

For those of you have been wondering what my sig was referring to, and the beautiful profusion of booty in my display pic, here you go.

It’s Nitroplus’s newest H-game, Tre Donne Crudelli – Tsuzuki : Satsuriku no Django – Jigoku no Shoukinkubi. (Which translates to Three Ruthless Women : Django of the Massacre, Bounty Hunt from Hell, for those of us who are not fluent in Italian and Japanese) And it looks great. Beyond great, actually. That’s why I’m actually writing about it now. (great these days only gets a download, you have to be beyond great to get mentioned in my blog, seeing as how I am such a lazy updater.)

First off, the most important part. The girls are hot. And by hot, I mean smoking. Go to the main site and you’ll see what I mean. Or you can check out the pictures here…

The first of our lovely ladies is Franco the Black herself, Sweet Water’s most wanted criminal, and the main character of the game. Known for as posing as a sweet innocent girl and then robbing the daylights out of whoever comes to pick her up, as well as using the guys she’s having sex with as meat shields in case of an ambush. I.e – my kind of girl.

Next up we have our cold as ice, gun-toting lesbian. Her loyal servant and sex toy isn’t visible here but you can find out what she looks like at the site. Very nice hat. Also, she is one of the few H-game characters I’ve seen with reverse cleavage – as in, up inside of down. She also has that deadly assassin air I find so intriguing.

And finally the red-eyed Mysterious Woman, Donne Anonime – which isn’t a name, it literally means “Unknown Woman” in Italian. Not much is known about her, which I guess is why she’s mysterious. And hot. Ooooooooooooh and she’s got red eyes, I love red eyes.

And in my ongoing quest to make my blog more interactive, you can participate as well! Just message me or post which girl you think I like the best, and you stand a chance of winning an exclusive prize in the next blog post! Contest not open to immediate family members of Zhou Tai An or people who already know which girl I like the most (not that there are many of the latter.)

Check out the site. It’s pretty interactive, and you can go around checking out the various wanted posters, wallpapers, songs etc etc. Try shooting around – if you get a high enough score you unlock more H-pics! If that’s not incentive I don’t know what is.

What’s striking is that the girls all use heavy caliber and large bore weaponry. To the less gun-inclined among us, that more or less means they just use big guns – nothing like bazookas or machineguns, but pretty fierce nonetheless. Three ruthless women indeed.

I’m really impressed by the amount of effort put into the world and story. Besides the girls I’m a huge fan of any kind of Western setting, and sci-fi + spaghetti Western + hot girls is a way straight to my heart. The opening song is even sung in Italian, by someone who seems to be the very image of an old Italian dude with a guitar (completely with a female-only chorus) – well, until I checked his name and it turned out to be Kazuhiro Watanabe.

The integration of everything is quite inspiring, from the flash site to the in-game music (they even have slide guitar during the sex scenes!) and little details like a bonus picture in which everyone is drawn in the 60-70’s spaghetti western style. It’s not surprisingly, really – Nitroplus is among the elite of H-game companies, focusing on story as Alicesoft focuses on gameplay, and they usually pay great attention to little things like these that add up to make a big difference. But this is really pretty good even for them. I’m not a big fan of ALL their games (mainly due to high loli content in even the good looking ones, like Gekkou no Carnavale) but this one really stood out.

The story has a sad ending, though. Currently, I can’t get the game to run consistently on my computer, due to a disk protection error of some sort. There is a patch for the game, but I can’t download it as I don’t have the serial number! (you can only get the serial number if you’ve actually bought the game, of course) ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. So far I am still trying to find some way to get the game to work on my computer. If I do, you can expect a story update of some sorts. Or maybe just more pictures.

(ok I’m not going to make you guys guess this one…”brindiamo alla bellazza” means “A toast to the beautiful” in Italian. Fitting, no?)

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